how to reduce allergy symptoms during the day


check the pollen count when you wake up to reduce fall allergy symptoms

Make checking the pollen count part of your morning routine

tips to reduce fall allergy symptoms on your commute to work

Drive to work with windows up to decrease exposure to pollen

Don't walk through leaf piles; they attract moisture, so mold can flourish

washing your hands at work to decrease lingering pollen and dander

Wash your hands to decrease lingering pollen/dander

Keep your desk clean and uncluttered to lower the risk of mold and dust

tips to reduce allergy symptoms at home

Shower and change clothes to decrease tracking pollen

Turn on dehumidifier to decrease dust and mold (they grow with moisture)

tips to reduce fall allergy symtpoms while you sleep

Keep temp no higher than 72 degrees; mold grows in warmth

Wash sheets to decrease lingering ragweed pollen

Keep windows closed overnight

facts about pollen and ragweed allergies

Take Flonase Sensimist once a day. It delivers powerful 24-hour non-drowsy allergy relief in a gentle mist.

sources of fall allergy facts