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Flonase allergy relief nasal spray

How to Use Flonase Nasal Spray


Here are some easy, step-by-step instructions to help you get the most from your FLONASE Allergy Relief. Find out how to use FLONASE nasal spray safely and effectively.

How do I open my FLONASE Allergy Relief pack?

  1. Find the scissors symbol on the top right corner of the pack.
  2. Use a pair of scissors to cut from the icon along the top of the pack.
  3. Cut along the side of the pack, then along the bottom. Be careful when handling sharp edges.
  4. Pull out the FLONASE bottle and instructions sheet, then recycle the packaging.

Note that parents should open the package for their child.

Watch the video for more detailed instructions:

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    The first time you open Flonase Allergy Relief, you may be surprised by how well sealed the packaging is. We designed our tamper-resistant plastic package with your best interest in mind to maintain package integrity yet allow full view of the product. To easily open the package, all you need is a pair of scissors. Look for the scissors icon on the top-right corner of the pack. Then cut along the top of the package, then the sides, then along the bottom. Handle carefully because edges could be sharp. Now it is easy to remove the Flonase bottle and the instructions for use. Don't forget the rest of the packaging can be recycled

How do I use FLONASE Allergy Relief?

If your FLONASE bottle is new or hasn’t been used in one week or more, or if the nozzle has just been cleaned, you will have to prime the nozzle before using the spray. Here’s how:

  1. Shake the bottle gently and remove the green cap.
  2. Point the bottle away from your face and press the white lid downward to spray.
  3. Pump the lid until a fine mist appears.
  4. If you pump six times without any spray appearing, the nozzle may be clogged. Clean it before use.

Instructions for using FLONASE

Once the nozzle is cleaned and primed, you can use the product. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Gently blow your nose to clear your nostrils.
  2. Place the tip of the nozzle in one nostril and close the other nostril with your finger.
  3. Aim slightly away from the center of your nose, press the white nozzle and sniff the mist in gently. Be careful not to spray into your eyes!
  4. Exhale through your mouth. Repeat if your dosage calls for two sprays.
  5. Repeat the entire process in the other nostril.
  6. Wipe the nozzle clean with a tissue and replace the green cap.

Watch our video to see the steps in action:

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    It is easy to use Flonase Allergy Relief, just follow these simple steps to get the most for each spray. First, shake the bottle gently, then remove the green cap. If it's the first time using a new bottle, or you just cleaned the nasal or if you have not used Flonase in a week or more. Next, you will have to prime the nasal. Here’s how, first aim the bottle away from your face, grasp the spray bottle like this and then pump until a fine mist appears. That is how you know that the bottle is primed for use. If you pump 6 times and no mist appears, the spray nasal may be clogged and needs to be cleaned. Before using Flonase just blow your nose gently to clear your nostrils now close one nostril place just the tip of the spray nozzle in your other nostril be sure to aim slightly away from the center of your nose be careful not to spray into your eyes Flonase is only for use in your nose. Sniff gently press down on the spray, you will feel a light mist in your nose, then breathe out through your mouth. Depending on your dosing instructions you may need to spray just once, or you may need to spray twice. Now repeat in the other nostril. Then wipe the spray nozzle with a clean tissue and replace the cap. Easy

How often should I use FLONASE Allergy Relief?

It’s important to take your FLONASE nasal spray dose regularly in order for it to work effectively. It may take several days to feel relief. However, do not exceed the recommended dosage, as this will not improve or speed up the results.

Dosage For Adults

Adults should take two sprays of FLONASE in each nostril once a day for the first week. After that, use one or two sprays in each nostril once a day as needed. If your symptoms are still present after six months of daily use, consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Dosage For Children

For children ages 4 to 11, take one spray in each nostril once a day under adult supervision. If symptoms continue for more than two months a year, check with a healthcare professional.

Children ages 12 and up can take the adult dose.

Children under 4 years of age should not use FLONASE Allergy Relief nasal spray.

How do I clean my FLONASE Allergy Relief spray nozzle?

Make sure you’re getting your full dose of allergy medicine by cleaning your FLONASE nozzle weekly, or any time it gets clogged. This is quick and easy to do – just follow these steps:

  1. Remove the white spray nozzle by grasping the base and pulling up.
  2. Rinse the nozzle under a running tap.
  3. Allow it to dry at room temperature.
  4. To replace the nozzle, aim the bottle away from your face, then gently push the nozzle back into place until you hear a soft click.
  5. If the nozzle is still clogged, soak it in warm water, then repeat steps 2 to 4 until it sprays easily.
  6. Prime the nozzle again before use.

Remember, never try to unblock the nozzle with a pin or other sharp object – this can damage it.

Watch the video for a demonstration of nozzle cleaning:


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    Male Speaker: A clean spray nasal helps insure a full dose. Clean the nasal weekly or anytime it gets clogged. Never try to unblock it with a pin or sharp object that can damage it. To clean the spray nozzle, first remove it by grasping the base and pulling up. Next rinse the nozzle under a running Tab and dry it at room temperature. Once it's dry aim the nasal away from your face and gently replace the spray nozzle until you hear a soft click. If you find a spray nozzle is still clogged simply soak it in warm water, then repeat steps 2 and 3 rinse dry and replace the nozzle and try again any time you clean the nozzle you need to prepare it for use by priming it just the way you did the first time you use the bottle. To prime the nozzle first aim the bottle away from your face grasp the spray bottle like this, then pump until fine mist appears.