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Every person with allergies has a story about their symptoms and unique challenges. Listen to real people share real stories of how FLONASE Allergy Relief helped them be greater than their allergies.


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    I was teaching a marching band, teaching a drum line outdoors all the time.  And you know, when the wind would kick up, man, I would struggle--I was always struggling.

    My name's Anthony.  I'm a percussion instructor, teacher, and performer.

    I'm married to my beautiful wife Katy, and we have two children, Ryan and Ava, and they're 11 and 9.

    I really love to spend time with my family. We love to go outside and throw the ball around, love playing football, love playing baseball.

    And I've always felt like I was always impaired. Sometimes they'd be like, "Let's go outside," and I'm like I'm just going to come back and be itchy, watery-eyed and I don't want to go outside.  So it's nice to be able to not be hindered by having those issues anymore.

    Now that I'm taking FLONASE, I actually started teaching on--even on more of a regular basis outside, and I don't struggle with being outside.

    Ever since FLONASE became over-the-counter, there's no hassle of trying to schedule appointments with my primary-care doctor and my allergy specialist and that's been a lifesaver because I know it works.

    I would tell people that suffer with allergies to try FLONASE if they haven't.

    Using the nasal just seems like a no-brainer to me because it's actually going to the area that needs to be treated.

    Based on my experience with outdoor allergies and pet dander, it's worked for me.  And if they struggle with anything like that, I think they might find the relief that I have.

    To easily open the package, all you need is a pair of scissors.

    ONSCREEN SUPER: Parents are encouraged to open the package for their child.

    Look for the Scissors icon in the top right corner of the pack. Then cut along the top of the package up the side, and then along the bottom. Handle carefully because the edges can be sharp.

    Now it’s easy to remove the FLONASE bottle and the instructions for use. And don’t forget, the rest of the packaging can be recycled.


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    I didn’t know it was hereditary but now I’m glad that I know that but yeah I kind of thought it was weird because my oldest son was complaining about it.

    And then when I had my youngest son, he had pretty much the same symptoms and it was always runny eyes, itchy nose. So his pediatrician actually prescribed him FLONASE.

    My name is Rosezetta and I'm a single mom of two sons. I'm an Office Manager full-time.

    I had tried a lot of different allergy medications over-the-counter, and I just was not getting the results that I wanted.

    I've had allergies for a little over 20 years.  It's been really aggressive.

    The allergies actually just kind-of hinders my outdoor activities because I'm very active with you know being a mom of two sons. We like to do a lot of outdoor activity, so the allergies kind-of limit what I can and can't do when we go outdoors.

    With FLONASE, I really just use it in the morning.

    The fact that it is available in the stores makes it very easy for me because I don’t have to worry about calling a doctor asking for a prescription or a refill, you know.  So the convenience of, okay I can walk in the store, grab this product, relieve me and my family of our symptoms, it's like a major relief to me.

    I personally like to cook.  I've become, should I say, the grill master.

    I would most definitely recommend trying FLONASE the nasal spray. It’s worked for me and my family.

    I played volleyball in high school, so I kind-of teach my sons how to play volleyball. Once I saw that Flonase was available, I was like, great, awesome, we can actually enjoy going outdoors to play volleyball.

    So I get to dive for the ball. Get all into the sport. Cause I'm very competitive when it comes down to volleyball and beating my sons makes me feel good.


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    It’s funny. My main allergies are tree allergies, which is my livelihood. 

    So it makes it tricky.

    My name is Jason.

    I’m a landscape architect. I work for a landscape production company down in Virginia.

    I spend most of my time doing landscape design, drawings, outside plant identifications, site visits.

    The biggest reason I wanted to get into what I’m doing, with landscaping, is that I knew I always wanted to at least split 50-50 of my time at a desk and the outdoors. 

    It took me about 2 years into my landscaping career until I realized hey, you know, I’m feeling pretty, pretty miserable about every single day. 

    My symptoms are I’ll get itchy, water eyes and sneezy and congested and in turn I’ll feel groggy and not myself, not 100%. 

    It was certainly depressing almost to wake up every morning feeling like I’m going to work, to a job I know I love, but at the same I’m terrified of having to spend the majority of the day outside because I don’t know if my symptoms are going to be acting up or if I’m going to be able even handle my whole-day outdoor meetings.  

    After trying multiple things for a couple months and finally getting to FLONASE and finding something that was giving me that relief. It was a huge weight off my shoulders. 

    FLONASE, it’s allowed me to go out and continue to be myself. It’s allowed me to continue my career. It’s allowed me to go out and meet clients and not feel like I’m going to blow an opportunity all because of my allergies. It’s allowed me to go out and enjoy my life on the weekends and do the activities that I like to do. 

    It, it changed, it changed my life.


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    Those who know me would definitely say I have gone record saying I’ve been allergic to the East Coast. 

    My name is Marianna. I am the director of strategic projects at a prominent auction house.

    So I grew up in Los Angeles and I lived in California and all the way though going to college. So when I moved to New York was when I started to having all these symptoms.

    About nine months out of the year I thought I was sick, almost all the time. And I’d had days where I’d feel fine and I’d have days where I’d wake up and couldn’t get out of bed. 

    So it was actually pretty hard to deal with.

    At my job I sit in the front of house, which is actually a really exciting place to be because I literally have my office in one of the galleries.

    For anybody that knows the auction world there are things that move in and out of these galleries nearly on a daily basis. 

    From my point of view with allergies it can be a little difficult at times because there’s with all of the movement of the pictures and the furniture and all the different things that are coming in and out of the warehouse. A lot of times there’s dust build-up that can activate my allergies.

    My symptoms were feeling thick headed, definitely stuffed up, a lot of pressure in here and just feeling that I couldn’t get through the day without blowing my nose a million times, sneezing, wanting to put my head down. 

    It’s a huge misnomer that people think that allergies are, you know, something that people just get and feel just not so great that day.

    I mean, I really thought that I was ill.

    And the doctors kept prescribing me a number of different medications to treat it. 

    And she said to me, ‘I don’t think you’re sick, I just think you just have allergies.’ 

    And it was like a light bulb went off in my brain where I thought, ‘oh my gosh, how did I not ever think of that?’

    When it started being offered just over-the-counter in drugstores I’m now the type that buys several of them so I can keep one at home, one at the office, one in my bag. 

    It’s actually remarkable to think that just using one product every single day can make me feel that much better, and it has.