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Have Seasonal Allergies? Beware of These 5 Cleaning Mistakes

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There’s something about the first few days of Spring that makes a person want to get up and get active; maybe it’s the fresh breezes, the warmer temps, or those flower buds starting to shoot up from the ground, but whatever it is, it’s hard to deny the energizing sense of renewal in the air.

This rejuvenating energy often pushes us to look at our winterized living spaces and decide it’s time to do some Spring cleaning, but if warmer days are synonymous with allergies for you, there are a few Spring cleaning pitfalls you’ll want to avoid.

5 Spring Cleaning Mistakes People With Allergies Make

Opening Up All the Windows.

While it’s extremely tempting to throw open your windows and start singing to birds and squirrels like Snow White, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, this action can aggravate allergy symptoms. Opt instead for an air-conditioning unit that has an allergy-friendly filter attachment.

Not Washing Your Hair After Cleaning.

Say you have a superproductive day cleaning your house — so productive that you just want to fall into bed at night without taking the time to wash your hair. This can pose a problem, especially if you were outside at any point. Taking daily hot showers, that include hair washing, is an important part of keeping as much pollen out of your living space as possible.

Drying Clothes on a Clothesline.

Drying your clothes on a clothesline to get that real “Spring” scent may sound fun and quaint, but it also invites all the pollen in town to settle on your fabrics. If you deal with seasonal allergies, using a clothes dryer is always best.

Leaving Clutter.

Spring cleaning isn’t just about putting your Winter jackets in boxes and giving your space a good vacuuming (although those things do help!). Clearing away as much clutter as possible helps reduce dust, which can be an allergy trigger. Make it a point to wipe down all your books, tabletop decorations, and random knick-knacks weekly to keep dust levels lower.

Forgetting the Blinds / Curtains.

Speaking of dust, horizontal blinds and curtains can house a lot of it, mostly because many of us forget to clean them. Make sure to wipe these down at least once a week, and consider using washable curtains.

Sometimes, no matter how well we clean or how careful we are, seasonal allergy symptoms can bring us down. Flonase is the number-one doctor recommended brand1 in allergy relief for a reason. Flonase relieves nasal congestion (a symptom most allergy pills don’t help with), as well as those other annoying allergy symptoms like sneezing, itchy, watery eyes, and runny nose.

1 IMS Health Monthly TRx Allergy Market for the 12-month period of 1/31/1 through 1/31/19 for the most prescribed allergy medicine of fluticasone propionate

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